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When should I use mediation?

If both parties are willing to negotiate and are seeking a simpler, cost effective and confidential process then mediation is a key way to achieve an agreement. Mediation can be used in both financial and parenting matters.

Mediation offers parties the ability to resolve their financial disputes in an informal setting without the need for court proceedings.

Parties are encouraged to consider a range of options which are aimed at achieving a mutually acceptable outcome tailored to their individual needs.

Mediation helps people focus on what is really important, and it provides a safe space to talk about issues that may be hindering a settlement.

Parties who successfully resolve their matter at mediation avail themselves of significant savings in relation to legal fees as well as the inevitable emotional stress associated with litigation which can be protracted over several years. It also ensures you maintain control and ownership of the outcome rather than the outcome being determined by the Family court.

Mediations take place at a time and location to suit the parties.

Mediation is private and confidential. It can be used both before and after a case has been started in Court. It is also possible to have more than 1 mediation.

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