Quick Exit

What can I do before we separate?

You will need copies of all important paperwork and store them in a secure location. Key documents include:

  • Taxation returns and group certificates;
  • Superannuation statements;
  • Bank and credit card statements;
  • Paperwork supporting your sources of income such as dividends and rent;
  • Documentation for major payments made in cash;
  • Investment documentation such as share portfolios and certificates;
  • Important Deeds, such as Family Trust Deeds and Wills;
  • Business records, including annual financial returns;
  • Loan documentation;
  • Insurance documents and valuations;
  • Photos of valuable assets such as antiques and jewellery;
  • Marriage certificate; and
  • Birth certificates of your children.

If you have made substantial contributions during the relationship as a result of inheritance, gifts or assets you owned before the relationship commenced, or you have made significant contributions to acquire or improve assets during the relationship, you will require paperwork to support this.

If you feel your former partner may try to limit your access to funds, and provided you are legally entitled to access funds, you may wish to secure sufficient funds to cover your living expenses and legal fees. It is preferable for you to seek legal advice before doing so.

Separation is a difficult time so ensure you and your children have appropriate support from friends and family as well as professional support such as a counsellor.

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