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What is the process once I make an initial enquiry?

On receipt of your initial enquiry via email or telephone a lawyer will contact you. You will be asked to provide a brief overview of your situation and some personal information. This is necessary to help us assess whether we can assist you. If so, we will invite you to make an appointment for you to meet with a lawyer.

You attend the initial appointment and discuss your situation. The lawyer will provide you with an indication of your options to resolve your matter, give you an indication of costs and answer any questions you have surrounding your situation.

Your appointment with a lawyer is protected by Legal Professional Privilege. This means we cannot disclose anything you tell us, to anyone else, without your consent.

Following the appointment, you will be invited to sign our costs agreement. This sets out our fees and charges and the terms upon which we would be willing to assist you. Once you have signed the costs agreement and complied with any terms regarding payment, we will begin working on your matter.

Your matter can progress through a number of stages to reach a resolution. The first stage is negotiation with the other party. If no agreement is reached, the next stage is usually mediation followed by Court proceedings.

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