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What are the advantages of Family Dispute Resolution?

  • FDR is a private and voluntary process and save for some limited exceptions, discussions are confidential
  • Participants generally find the process less stressful, less formal and more flexible than court
  • A successful outcome can be a substantial financial saving to the parties by way of legal fees and court costs
  • A resolution may be documented as effectively as a court determination
  • You have control over what is discussed and decisions affecting your family into the future. Nobody else decides for you
  • Timing – you choose when to mediate and meetings can be arranged at times convenient to you both
  • Subject to suitability requirements, you may access mediation in a timely manner (within weeks) and avoid the lengthy delays associated with Family Court proceedings
  • Mediation can proceed with or without lawyers
  • The focus is on workable outcomes tailored to your children’s needs and parties are encouraged to communicate in a constructive, future focused manner, thereby avoiding the commonly destructive aspects of litigation
  • The process is flexible and can be suspended/terminated at any time
  • Costs can be much more readily estimated than in the case of family court proceedings
  • Each party has an opportunity to be heard and to express what is important to them in relation to their children
  • Dispute resolution often leads to improved communication between parents and agreed mechanisms for resolving any further disputes
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