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Are you separating and having difficulty resolving parenting issues? Considering Family Dispute Resolution?

February 22, 2017

Have you considered Family Dispute Resolution (FDR), a form of mediation aimed to resolve the issues with the emphasis on the best interests of the children. 10% of all divorce cases are resolved by dispute resolution. Government statistics state that where FDR is used, 55% of matters are fully resolved and 26% partially resolved, removing the need and costs for court proceedings.


So what’s involved?

Both parties attend a private initial session to provide background information and explain what they feel is important, then they both attend, with lawyers if preferred, a joint dispute resolution session, usually 3-4 hours. The key issues and the things important to each party will be discussed and the mediator will assist parties to formulate options and solutions to practically suit your family’s situation.

Why attend FDR?

It is confidential, allows you to retain control over the solution, focuses on workable outcomes, is less stressful, more flexible and more affordable than court proceedings.

What can you expect as an outcome?

Hopefully an agreed parenting plan will result without the need for court intervention or you can apply to court to make the agreement into legally enforceable consent orders.

See our Family Dispute Resolution page or call Lucy Thomas for more information.

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